Team Building

Brave Conversations - Because Your Team Matters

As we go about the daily grind, we lose sight of what matters and could take things for granted. Without intentionally creating a space to connect, we distance ourselves from the important people around us and result in missing conversations.

What will your team take away?

Guided through a series of activities, you and your team will be given opportunities to reflect and converse on your team’s journey. You will create shared values that build stronger bonds and a positive work culture. You and your team will leave with a better sense of trust and develop positive relationships for a healthier work environment.

What will you and your team experience?

At LCCS, we help to create safe spaces that provides the experience for people to connect. We journey with you and your team as you embark on meaningful conversations and activities on what matters. Be ready to experience the meaning of empathy, vulnerability, connections and appreciation.

Experience Overview

Create your team values towards a more positive culture

Engage in conversations that builds meaningful connections

Build your team’s personal take home gift

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