Special Programmes

Missing Conversations

Missing Conversations is an intervention using restorative conferencing to address the issue of bullying among children and youth.

What is restorative conferencing?

It is a structured meeting between wrongdoers, victims, both parties’ supporters (family and friends), and relevant stakeholders. During the conference, the parties deal with the consequences of the wrongdoing and decide how best to repair the harm and restore relationships.

Empower victims of bullying to have a voice

Provide a safe space for all affected parties to share how they have been impacted

Enable parties to come to an agreement on how to resolve the bullying issue

Circle Champions

Circle Champions (CC) equips students leaders with the facilitation skills to run circles to build relationships and provide socio emotional support for the school community. The practice of circle time, as part of Restorative Practices provides a safe space for students to open up and receive support. Being a structured process, it also provides student leaders with the formal platform to demonstrate their peer helping skills.

Key highlights of CC include:

1. Opportunity for student leaders to run circle time with their schooling communities (class or CCA).

2. Facilitators’ feedback and encouragement of students leaders’ competencies in running of circle time.

3. Celebration of success for student leaders.

Programme Design

No. of Sessions: 6

No. of Students: 30

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours