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Time To Love This Christmas

24 Dec 2018
Video produced by James Zhang, LCCS volunteer

LCCS Youth Collaboration with Yuli Fine Jewellery

16 – 18 Nov 2018

LCCS – Annie

21 – 24 Dec 2018



  • 20% fall in applications to adopt children in 2020 due to pandemic travel restrictions – see article
  • Couple said yes to adopting unborn baby – without knowing its gender – see article
  • New Scheme in Bukit Merah to help feuding neighbours and avoid escalation to courts – see article
  • Lutheran Community Care Services opens new office in Bukit Merah – see article
  • Parents could do with support on adoption disclosure: Social workers – see article
  • Stamping out questionable practices, ensuring transparency – see article
  • Court may get more power to dispense with parental consent for adoption – see article
  • New laws planned to curb unethical adoption practices in Singapore – see article


  • Campaign aims to raise awareness of violence, and sexual violence – see article
  • 去年国庆庆典主唱之一12岁女生分哀如何克服网络霸凌 – see article
  • Over 400 training opportunities in social services created for new graduates under SGUnited initiative – see article
  • Social service agencies can tap second tranche of Invictus Fund – see article
  • Second tranche of Invictus Fund open to social service agencies – see article
  • Centre for Domestic Employees signs four MOUs to enhance foreign maids’ rights and welfare – see article


  • Christmas cheer and feasts – see article
  • OUE ‘Stars of Christmas’ Marks 10 Years of Spreading Christmas Cheer to Young Beneficiaries in Singapore – see article
  • Free dispute resolution services, more info on maids’ employment history to better support employers in hiring domestic workers – see article
  • Beyond Parental Control cases hit 10-year high – see article


  • Grandma’s death turned ex-gang member around – see article
  • Practice used in rehabilitation catching on among various groups – see article


  • Father and son to blaze through Gobi desert for a cause – see article




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