Primary School Programmes

Builder's Project

LCCS works in partnership with National Council of Social Service (NCSS), to implement the Builders Project. The Builders Project is programme with a multi-tiered service model that engages the school ecosystem (students, teachers, parents) to implement Restorative Practices in a holistic and consistent manner. Restorative Practices seeks to promote and strengthen positive school culture and enhance pro-social relationships amongst students, teachers and parents.

This is done through 3 phases:

1. The building phase lays the foundation for the development of relational capacity among all stakeholders involved in the child’s life through class based sessions and workshops for teachers and parents.

2. The reconnecting phase widens the circle of support for identified students through mentoring and circle conversations with their peers and family members.

3. The repairing phase gathers all relevant stakeholders when incidents occur, to address and repair the harm done to relationships through restorative conferencing.

Phase 1: Building

Target Group:
Parents, teachers and student.

Workshops, Relational Practices in Classrooms (SEL) to train Student / Teachers and Parents Builders

Phase 2: Reconnecting

Target Group:
Students requiring further support from the Building phase

Individual mentoring, class and family circles

Phase 3: Repairing

Target Group:
Serious incidents / harm to relationship are addressed with parents, students and other community partners.

Restorative Conferences

Classroom Builders

Classroom builders is a programme aiming to create a caring and enabling classroom environment through the explicit teaching of values and social and emotional skills. Students will be able to make responsible decisions in consideration of their relationships with members in their communities (classmates, teachers, family and friends). In building connections with their communities, students will be well supported to be the best version of themselves.

Key highlights of Classroom Builders include:

1. Use of circle time to encourage sharing of students’ voices.

2. Experiential learning (activities, games, videos) to facilitate key learning outcomes).

3. Intentional use of affirmation to highlight students’ strengths and encourage prosocial behaviour.

Programme Design

No. of Sessions: 15

No. of Students: 12-15

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours