Corporate Governance

LCCS has a Whistleblowing Policy that permits employees to report suspected fraud, dishonest conduct, or other comparable issues. Any misbehaviour should be reported to

As a public-facing organisation, LCCS recognises the importance of media as an engagement tool for communicating with stakeholders and supporters.

It is important that the image of LCCS, as well as its connected partners and government agencies, be not harmed in any manner by anybody inappropriately exploiting media tools, particularly in connection to any content that explicitly cites LCCS. As a result, personnel are required to behave and express themselves professionally and in accordance with LCCS’s media relations rules.

LCCS has a Reserve to offer transparency in the management of our reserves and to inform stakeholders that we are well-managed and have a strategy for building up reserves of up to two years in order to maintain long-term sustainability.

LCCS has protocols and standards in place to guarantee that all fundraising efforts are honest, ethical, and maintain the public’s trust in fundraising and charity. The Board guarantees that all fundraising communications contain relevant and accurate information and are free of misrepresentation or major omission. LCCS guarantees that cash and gifts are used in line with the objectives of contributors and the precise purpose expressed when requesting donations. There are procedures in place to guarantee that contributors’ confidentiality is maintained. Donor information and records are kept fully secret at all times.

LCCS does not lend or donate to any political party and has a conservative investor risk profile. LCCS exclusively invests in principal-guaranteed or ensured investment instruments, including such bank deposits.

LCCS believes in the power of volunteering and work with volunteers to support individuals in the communities to build, strengthen and restore relationships. You may refer to our policy here.

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