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Lives Touched In 2017

Justice requires that we work to restore those who have been hurt.

Our team of social workers, youth workers and case managers work with families, schools, institutions to provide services in:

Centre for Restorative Practice (CRP)

LCCS serves families, children and youths-at-risk through developmental, preventive and intervention work. Through counselling work, family intervention, life skills workshops and enrichment programmes, we aim to restore conversations for beneficiaries and their families.

Special Projects (SP)

Special projects team looks at how to better meet the needs of the community using Restorative Practices. In Prisons Work, we embark on a Victim Empathy Programme (VEP) enabling inmates to thoroughly understand the impact of their crime and the hurt suffered by their victims, family members and the wider society. At the same time VEP service offers a helping hand to guide these inmates who made mistakes, but want to turn over a new leaf.

Family Work Services (FWS)

FWS services include adoption services, marriage programmes, counselling and workshops; services include adoption counselling and support for adoptive parents. Parenting skill workshops are conducted to strengthen family bonding and relationship.