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Hear the testimonials from our families on this short feature of Project Lift, a pilot programme since 2019 that assists low-income families to achieve their hopes and dreams. Help LCCS to continue reaching out to vulnerable families like Shikin’s and ensure that they too are given opportunities to pursue their hopes in life.



2020 At A Glance

Lives Restored

Lives Connected

Lives Empowered

Lives Engaged


“We are thankful to LCCS for this 2-year RP journey with us thus far, where many prison staff have been trained and are now using RP in many facets of their work. We also appreciate continued efforts at building the community of practice, facilitating practitioner builder sessions, and dialogues with RP gurus for us to learn more about RP and its application with inmates and in prisons work. We believe that building connected communities and a restorative environment would make for safer prisons and ones more conducive to rehab.”

– Benjamin Chia, Prisons Cluster B Commander

“True to the value of being pro-social, LCCS values involvement and communication from the significant adults in the school. They offer teachers roles to play throughout the process of teaching and learning. This belief translates into a practice that creates meaning to both students and adults in the school.”

– Denise Teh, HOD/Student Management, Junyuan Secondary School

“I was truly amazed at how powerful RP could be in creating positive relationships not just between staff and inmates but also between them and their peers. I recall a case where I saw solidarity, understanding, care and concern even when the actions of a couple of inmates caused the whole group to lose a group privilege. And what was even more powerful was the empathy caused the 2 wrongdoers to be overwhelmed with remorse and learn from their misdeed.”

– Karen, RTC Counsellor

” Thank you so much for LCCS’s help during the last couple of months for our HSR. We appreciate your efficient follow-up and for trying your best to make the assessment as smooth and pleasant as possible for my husband and myself. Indeed, all of you had made a significant contribution to our adoption journey. “

– Adoptive Parent

“Though initially sceptical, I am now convinced that there is more to RP and I applaud LCCS in being able to engage and manage even highly complex cases that we ourselves have had difficulties in bringing the needful parties to together to engage in meaningful conversation.”

– District Judge

“Engaging with Lutheran Community Care Services has somehow affected my life. Through Project Lift, I discovered the importance of a family conference. The outcome has given me some planning to strengthen the relationship between me and my love ones. I am truly grateful for the experience.”

– Client from Project Lift

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