Family & Sexual Violence

Bridge to Hope

Bridge to Hope is a project that focuses on individuals experiencing family violence and desiring a safe space to talk about the violence to experience healing, restoration and reintegration. Reintegration and restoration is not a return to the previous relationship that is unequal and toxic. Through restorative processes, we seek to collaborate with individuals to address their needs and work towards a positive sense of self and socially equal relationships.


LCCS workers will collaborate with referring caseworkers to glean a better understanding of the individual or family’s situation. This includes the history, type and pattern of abuse and its impact, as well as the relationship dynamics for consideration of restorative interventions options. LCCS workers will explore with the referred individuals which restorative intervention can suit their needs and hopes before facilitating a restorative process. This includes people who experience family violence, regardless of age and gender and/or children who have witnessed family violence or experience child maltreatment.

Let Our Voice Run (LOVR)

Let Our Voice Run (LOVR) is a 3-year campaign (started in November 2021) that focuses on raising awareness and addressing sexual harm and dating violence experienced by young adults in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). The goal is to bring victim/survivor-centered restorative processes, based on safety and active responsibility, to address sexual and dating violence amongst students in IHLs.

Through a yearly virtual community run, funds are raised for the provision of free restorative initiatives for students. Restorative initiatives are based on a restorative model to engage, equip, collaborate, and restore. Some of our initiatives include workshops on Restorative Justice approaches and circle practices, community-building circles, compassionate witnessing circles, and restorative dialogues between people who caused harm and people who have experienced harm.