Parenting & Adoption Services

Pre-Adoption Briefing (PAB)

All prospective adopters must attend a compulsory Pre-Adoption Briefing (PAB) before identifying a child for adoption and applying for a home study or making an application to the Court. Both you and your spouse are required to attend. The PAB is valid for 3 years. You are required to undergo a Pre-Adoption Briefing if the validity of your PAB has expired.  

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LCCS is an accredited agency by MSF to conduct PAB (English only). Schedules for Pre-Adoption Briefings (PAB) for 2023 are to be advised. Registration will be open 4 weeks in advance at MSF adoption portal

Adoption Home Study Report (HSR)​

A Home Study Report (HSR) is a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the adoption and the circumstances of your family. It also assesses whether you and your spouse are eligible and ready to adopt a child.

Waiver of Home Study

For joint applicants: If you or your spouse is a Singapore Citizen and wish to adopt a foreign stepchild, you may apply to MS for a waiver of the Home Study.

Before the new Adoption of Children Act (ACA) 2022 takes effect:

  • Applications for HSR waiver must be submitted by 15 April 2023
  • If you have been issued with a HSR waiver, you must (a) obtain a Dependant’s Pass (if the child is not a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident) and (b) submit an application to Court before the ACA 2022 takes effect. Otherwise, the new requirements under the ACA 2022 will apply i.e. you will need to undergo an Adoption Suitability Assessment

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LCCS is an accredited agency by MSF to conduct HSR.  If you wish to enquire about our services for HSR, please email or contact us at +65 6441 3906.

Adoptive Parents Support Group

Parents who have successfully adopted children are encouraged to widen their circle of support and build connections with other adoptive families. LCCS helps facilitate the annual event with relevant topics to support your adoption journey.

ACES (Adopted Children Exclusive Support) Summer Camp

A June school holiday programme specially designed with your child in mind; to normalise the child’s well-being of being an adoptee and to build a network of friends with a similar background. Topics for discussion in the camp include disclosure and family bonding.

Adoption Disclosure Counseling​

Adoption disclosure counselling equips adoptive parents with the skills and knowledge of how to talk about the subject of adoption with their children. In this workshop, adoptive parents learn to approach the subject with confidence, with connection in mind; empathise and validate their child’s feelings.

Please enquire more at or contact LCCS at 6441 3906 for more information.

Child Adoption Placement Services​

SteppingStones is a social enterprise set up by LCCS as an adoption agency to journey with service users throughout the adoption process. Check out how they form forever families through

Child Adoption Placement Services​

SteppingStones, an initiative by LCCS, was set up with a dedicated team to journey with you throughout the adoption process; matching you with a child and providing you with post adoption services.

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Please enquire more at or contact SteppingStones at 6441 3906 / +65 8878 9804 for more information.