Speakers' Profiles

Dairen Foo

Dairen is a participant of LCCS' men's support circle for men experiencing domestic violence.

What I hope to achieve is really for all to acknowledge that there are many men out there that are humans too and they too feel hurt and to come forward to let everyone know that we have always been emotionally oppressed because society sees men as “they won’t say anything 'cos it’s embarrassing".

Bryan Tan

(Centre for Fathering)

Bryan is a passionate Executive and Family Life Coach, and Chief Advocate for the national Dads for Life movement in Singapore. He is happily married to Adriana, and is a full-time father to their four children, whilst serving also as the Chief Executive Officer at Centre for Fathering Limited, Singapore. He has more than 28 years of leadership, management, coaching and training development experience in the Armed Forces, Public Service, Private and Non-profit sectors.

I am gripped by the issue of fatherlessness, and is dedicated in my leadership and administration skills to serve and support Fathers to become better leaders in their family, workplace and community.

Sai Tzy Horng

(Julie's Biscuits)

Sai Tzy Horng is a Director at Julie's Biscuits and the founder of The Best of You movement. Vocationally trained as an educational psychologist, he first started out at Julie's with the founding of The Best of You a movement about appreciative storytelling. A multimodal movement, The Best of You movement has championed many social causes such as urban poverty and migrant worker economics and welfare. More recently, he's been the pivotal force on the vivacious rebranding of Julie's Biscuits, which has used her branding platform to shine light on issues of women empowerment and mental wellness.

I am passionate about a high trust and high performing workplace culture which includes appreciation, empowerment and safety.

Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth Martin-Chua is an award-winning HR practitioner and Human Capital Practice Leader with over 30 years of global experience. As a speaker, trainer and coach, she has been termed ‘inspirational’, referred to as a ‘thought leader’ and an ‘HR Expert’. Elizabeth is also an author of ‘Maximizing Human Capital in Asia’, ‘Creating the Fit‘ and ‘Become a Winning SME'. Today, Elizabeth is a HR and Business Consultant.

I am passionate about a workplace culture that supports employees' growth - growth in skills and career. It is a culture where leaders value relationships, provide psychological safety. coaches and plans for business success and employees' success. Leaders are competent, inclusive, and willing to share. There are established processes to make the culture alive and dynamic.

Ujjwal Bedi


Ujjwal is a Principal Consultant with Kincentric Singapore where she focuses on client solutioning and development across Talent Strategy & Transformation and Culture & Engagement. She is based out of Singapore. With over 15 years of experience, Ujjwal is a customer-centric leader and curates' empathy-driven customer journeys uniquely for each client in the areas of HR Transformation, Employee Experience to align with Business Strategy and Culture. She holds an MBA in Human Resource Management and is a certified Change Management Practitioner from APMG International.

I am passionate about enhancing employee experience through improved talent lifecycle & promoting Inclusive work environment.

Shawn Soh

(TOUCH Community Services)

Shawn is the Head of TOUCH Counselling & Intervention, from TOUCH Integrated Family Group. He has worked with youths, parents and families to provide intervention for various issues including cyber addiction, mental health and youth-at-risk. Shawn also conducts cyber wellness training workshops for adult participants from various schools and organisations to equip them with the skills and knowledge to engage youths and children experiencing cyber wellness issues.

I believe that children and youths are at a developmentally sensitive period, and providing intervention for various issues at this stage is important because it could potentially prevent major problems in future.

Nicole Pang


Nicole is currently the Head of Mental Health Care arm at Impart. Alongside a close-knitted team, she has been shaping community-based mental health care for over three years now. She currently oversees a team of over 100 young persons who contribute to the mental health landscape through direct service provision and indirect advocacy and support.

I am passionate about creating psychologically safe spaces in the community for youths-facing-adversities to share about their feelings and experiences.

Janie Marie Joseph

Janie is a parent to an 8-year-old girl, who values empathy, respect, and open communication in her relationship with her child.

One thing I am passionate about in my parenting journey is nurturing my child's emotional intelligence alongside her intellectual capabilities while fostering empathy, understanding and inclusivity; I truly believe that they enable my child to become a well-rounded individual who can navigate relationships and society with greater success and fulfilment.

Jason Wong

(The Salvation Army)

Jason Wong assumed the role of the Centre Manager for Prison Support Services on 1 June 2019 after spending nearly 30 years in Singapore Prison Service, mainly as a senior correctional specialist. His passion to provide clinical interventions to children and families of those incarcerated, and more recently, to help prisoners re-integrate into the community is an answer to the call he made as a young adult in 1990. Jason, 60 years old, is married with two grown up children, a trained family therapist manages the Prison Support Services that aim to set prisoners free and empty the prisons. With a small team of staff, he sets strategic direction for the centre and mobilise community partners to collaborate with The Salvation Army to create collective impact in helping released prisoners re-integrate into the community and their families.

I am passionate about enhancing social mobility of persons with incarcerated experience through up-skilling and development of resilience.

Jensen Lee

(Prison Fellowship Singapore)

Jensen is an Integrated Care Manager at Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS). He was an ex-offender who has been saved by the grace of Lord Jesus.

I am passionate about helping people of similar background and their families with their practical needs; to bring them to experience the love of God, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately, I hope to lead them to Christ. To break the chains of bondage, I currently lead the PFS Gang Desistance (gang renunciation) Programme.

Joseph See

(Agape Connecting People)

Joseph See is the CEO of Agape Connecting People. He also sits on the board of Daughters of Tomorrow, chairing the Programmes and Impact Committee. Joseph is also a mentor in Singapore University of Technology and Design‘s Create4Good programme.

I am passionate about creating impact through people transformation for both individuals and also those around them, especially for persons in vulnerable communities.