Builder's Project

Builders Project aims to provide a safe and nurturing school environment for disadvantaged children through equipping all key stakeholders (children, parents, teachers) in building effective relationships to break the cycle of hurt. It was co-developed with the National Council of Social Service in 2015 as an upstream approach to address the issue of juvenile delinquency and poor school performance. This is achieved through implementing an evidence based and research validated school-based service model for 3 years.

Implementation consists of 3 phases:

1) The building phase lays the foundation for the development of relational capacity among all stakeholders involved in the child’s life through class based sessions and workshops for teachers and parents.

2) The reconnecting phase widens the circle of support for identified students through mentoring and circle conversations with their peers and family members.

3)The repairing phase gathers all relevant stakeholders when serious incidents occur, to address and repair the harm done to relationships through restorative conferencing