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RP Student Leadership Training and Student Workshops

RP Student Leadership Training

CRP believes that students can be effective peer leaders when given the essential conditions of challenge and support. Guided by explicit leadership framework and supported by practical restorative skills, RP Student Leadership Training equips students with the skills to reach out to their peers through circle facilitation. Student leaders can be empowered to work restoratively with their peers and learn strategies to reach out and engage other peers in efforts to create an inclusive and restorative culture. Student leaders will develop a greater self-esteem through recognising their strengths and unique positioning as leaders. Various schools and organisations, including children and young persons homes, had engaged LCCS to conduct workshops and camps which incorporated RP, including the facilitation of circles into student leadership trainings.


RP Student Workshops

CRP has conducted student workshops at various schools. In our RP student workshops, students are empowered to have dialogues on the importance of strong relationships in school and community settings, and to take more ownership of their relationships with other stakeholders in the school environment using RP. Through engagement in the Restorative Circle process and experiential activities, students learn and understand how to build good relationships in the classroom, and the importance of fostering trust, respect, and open communication with one another. Students become aware of the part they have to play in building good relationships and adept at handling conflicts in relationships.