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RP Service

Podz Youth Mentoring

Podz Youth Mentoring Programme was created by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in 2007. The premise of the programme is that support is crucial for successful reintegration of youth in institutional care into the community. Podz Youth Mentoring aims to bring mentors and youth together, “like peas in a pod, to spark new hopes and create new bonds for the realization of a better future for our youth and our community” (MCYS, March 2007).

The programme aims to:

  • Provide positive role models to befriend and mentor youth
  • Help youth sustain their good progress in the community through educational or vocational pursuits
  • Help youth to refrain from engaging in offending behaviour.

LCCS currently has a pool of committed volunteers dedicated to this programme. These volunteers are equipped with RP knowledge and skills to help them in their role as mentors.

RP Circles & Conference Facilitation

RP circles and conferencing are often used to manage and resolve issues and conflicts in an organisation. Using a collaborative approach, circles and conference allow individuals to have a voice, express feelings, gain awareness of how one’s actions had impacted others and how the issue can be resolved and opportunity for reparations to make things right.

Organisations who would like to use circles and conference for interventions can contact the CRP team at or call the staff at 6441 3906.