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RP Consultancy

LCCS believes that RP is less a tool but more a way of being; a way of being with other people and the society, being aware that our actions have an impact on others which can affect both our and others’ well being. RP is both a proactive and reactive approach, seeking to build, repair and restore relationships. Such allows for collaboration, trust and support, which can result in greater co-operation and high performance of a team (Kim & Mauborgne, 2003). Therefore LCCS advocates for a whole organisational change, that is a cultural change, a mindset shift for effective RP implementation in an organisation.

The phases that CRP suggests for enabling organisation’s adoption of RP:

  1. Engagement & Training on RP for the leadership team
  2. Training on RP for other members in the organisation
  3. Establishing a Community of Practice (COP) for a core group of people to look into RP implementation and sustainability issues in the organisation

Do have a conversation with our CRP team if you are interested to explore implementing RP in your organisation.