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LCCS is proud to announce our 2018 conference titled “Building Connected Communities: A Restorative Movement to Break the Hurt Cycle”. The conference is to be held on 15th and 16th November 2018 at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

The word ‘community’ has many meanings and referents. It can be defined as a local neighbourhood, an institution or simply a group of people with a common interest or occupation. LCCS defines the community as a place with relationships and we hold the belief that these relationships are important and worth protecting.

Our theme for the 2018 conference explores the opportunities we can create in communities and the possibilities of RP as a thriving movement. The scope would be broadened to explore the following:

       1. Building Connected Communities

  • Safe and caring communities that value one another and embrace vulnerability

    2. Breaking the Hurt Cycle
  • Restoration through making things right with self and others

    Empowered Individuals
  • Individuals equipped with skills and knowledge to build, strengthen and restore relationships

    Restorative Movement
  • People in all systems advocating for connected and restorative communities as a way of life

Over 2 days, this conference aims to connect practitioners and advocates from around the region and to create a platform to share and learn from one another. We believe that our work in RP will be enhanced when we strengthen the community of practitioners through learning from diverse application across sectors and contextualising effective practice.

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