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LCCS 4 Key Thrust

Willing Participation

Creates conditions for people to make an informed choice to participate in a dialogue that builds trust to work with vulnerabilities.

Active Responsibility

Guides people to demonstrate responsibility through taking actions for the well-being of the community, including making efforts to repair harm with the support of the community.

Respect each individual's "voice space"

Creates conditions for a safe environment to enable each person the opportunity to speak and be listened to with focused attentiveness.

Leverage on Individual's Innate Gifts

Leverages on individuals’ capacity for change and their innate gifts to collaboratively contribute to generate solutions to solve issues and/or build community.

Relational Inclusion

Works with individuals to widen their circle of support and build connectedness in the community.

Cultivate Empathy With Engagement

Facilitates self-reflection and encourages exchange of perspectives, courses of action or emotions, which nurtures and develops individuals’ capacity for empathy.

Build Positive Affective Experience

Engages people in a process that maximises positive affect, including facilitating emotional shift from negative to positive affect to build relational capacity.

Make a Difference.

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