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IIRP Certified Training

LCCS is the first agency in Singapore licensed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) to provide training in RP. LCCS is currently an affiliated partner of IIRP, an accredited graduate school in the United States of America. As an affiliated partner, the RP trainings provided by LCCS are considered partial fulfillment of the IIRP graduate education.

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The 4-day IIRP Certified Workshop contents:

RP_Handbook__book-pic-2Introduction to Restorative Practices Framework

RP framework is designed for all social service practitioners, and the training will focus on applying the restorative practice framework to facilitate conversations about your practice. Participants will explore ways to integrate restorative processes into day-to-day practice in order to better engage beneficiaries. Given that good practice is built around sound relationships, this training will explore:

  • Being and Becoming – making your practice explicit
  • Applying the Practice Domain as a common framework in embedding restorative practices
  • Effective engagement through restorative dialogues
  • Facilitating conversations and capacity building

Restorative_Circles__book-picUsing Circles Effectively

Participants will learn how to facilitate circles to provide a cohesive community that allows various beneficiaries in the community to have trust and empathy for one another, express their emotions, support each other’s learning, and hold each other accountable.

  • Training Focus will be on learning circle techniques and ideas as well as:
  • What circles can accomplish
  • How to develop restorative circles
  • Using circles to stimulate learning and discussion

Restorative_Justice_Conf_book-pic-3Facilitating Restorative Conference

Participants will learn how to facilitate restorative conferences — structured meetings that bring together everyone affected by an incident of wrongdoing or conflict to discuss how they have been affected and then decide how to repair the damage. This training will focus on:

  • How to prepare for and facilitate restorative conferences
  • Do’s and don’ts for facilitators
  • Sociological and psychological foundations of restorative conferencing
  • Dynamics of victimization
  • Benefits of Restorative Conferences:
  • Empower students/clients/beneficiaries to take responsibility for their behavior
  • Hold them accountable for their own actions
  • Allow them to hear directly from the people they have affected
  • Provide opportunities to decide how to repair damage
  • Break cycles of negative behaviours, such as aggression and anti-social behaviour
  • Can be used within your current discipline/case management system
  • Truly resolve conflicts

Family_Power__book-pic-4Family Engagement and Empowerment

Participants will learn how to organize formal family group conferences (FGCs), also known as family group decision making (FGDM) conferences, which are helpful to anyone working with families, including social workers, educators, probation and corrections officers. This workshop will focus on:

  • How to prepare for and facilitate FGDM
  • Sociological and psychological foundations of FGDM
  • Real versus token family engagement strategies

Benefits of Family Empowerment & Family Group Decision Making Process (FGDM):

  • Allow the family to experience healthy, therapeutic emotional processes within the bonds of family relations
  • Family members have opportunity to be engaged and contribute solutions
  • Family members are held accountable for their commitments
  • Family is positively engaged and feels respected
  • Family members are empowered to resolve their issues
  • Strengthens family bonds

Our public workshops are typically held in months of February, June, September, and November. LCCS also conducts RP workshops for individual organisations. For more information about our IIRP workshops and upcoming events/workshops, please email