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FWS Testimonials

Testimonies from HSR clients (2011 to 2017)

“Thank you for your excellent service.”

“I am very comfortable dealing with LCCS. They are very professional. I will definitely recommend my friends who are exploring adoption to LCCS.”

“I think the assessor has been very professional to follow up on our adoption journey. She has been very prompt and clear in her replies to our queries.”

“The assessor is very professional and detailed in her report, really appreciate her effort.”

“Both the admin staff and the assessor were very prompt in responding to our queries. They were very helpful in providing the required information throughout the entire process. We felt very much supported and comfortable. This was definitely a good start to our adoption journey.”

‘Thank you so much for LCCS’s help during the last couple of months for our HSR. We appreciate your efficient follow-up and for trying your best to make the assessment as smooth and pleasant as possible for my husband and myself. Indeed, all of you had made a significant contribution to our adoption journey.’

‘Finally we found Lutheran after continuous searching from the website & we make a phone call to ask if we can meet up with them to understand more on how to fill up the forms & they were so friendly to help us out. First we met with LCCS staff who rendered their kind help to us to understand the form. They were very helpful & friendly. We hope LCCS will have more couples coming to them just like us!

“…thank you so much for everything… my wife and I are really grateful to all of you that this process is successful.”

“Words cannot reflect the gratitude from our hearts. We want to take this opportunity to affirm that you and your organisation are doing a great work in helping couples to have children in their families, which they would not be able to otherwise.”

“When we called up LCCS, I was very touched by their eagerness and support to assist us in the home study report, but there was a great amount of documentation which we have to submit. The staff that I met at LCCS was very helpful and patient with me when I went to submit our documents. She took time to slowly go through my documents and thank God all was well and in order, there was the immediate start of the Home Study Report process and we got our date a week later for the interview at LCCS, with the assessors who will be processing our case and assessing us in the entire adoption process of the Home Study report….LCCS has been there throughout with us in this adoption process.”

“After trying for a child for 12 years, we decided that I would go for IVF. It was unsuccessful, so we then decided to adopt. After looking for a suitable adoption Home Study Report agency, we chose Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) and it was certainly the best thing we ever did. The legal process and the process before the adoption order was granted were rather long, but the staff at Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) made the process easy to follow. The pre-adoption talks, the disclosure workshop and the interviews were thorough. The disclosure workshop particularly made us realise that having a child through adoption is an enriching experience, it also alerts us about our responsibilities to overcome the challenges the child and we, as parents will have in managing disclosure. With sensitivity and gentleness, we feel equipped to handle this.”

We then contacted Lutheran to do our Home Study Report as well as guide us along the adoption process and journey. The officers in LCCS were patient and forthcoming in providing advice, encouragement and support in our adoption journey. Although the interviews were lengthy and thorough, we both recognised that it is necessary as it is a life long journey for both the child and ourselves… We would like to end this testimonial by thanking LCCS, our family members and friends for all the love and support given to us.”

“The assessors helped alleviate our fears and uncertainties about the entire process. We are very grateful for their help.”

The assessors are professional and timely in their assessment of our HSR.  They also provided many helpful and informative insights on adopting a child.”


“Testimonies from Participants of Parenting Workshop (2013)”

Interview 1 with a Father who attended the programme with his son

“This programme has helped me to understand what my child needs. Basically it’s love & time & I learnt more about communication with him outside of school and at home. I thank the speakers and the motivators who have delivered such a good programme for us. Thank you very much.”

Interview 2 with a Mother who attended the programme with her son

“I am happy to attend this workshop. It was really useful for us. I thank the school and all the speakers that through the programme, we understood parenting skills. I hope I can apply these parenting skills in my own parenting of my children. I am very happy. Thank you so much.”

Interview 3 with a Mother who attended the programme with her daughter

“I am happy to attend the workshop. I feel very excited and feel very close to my children. I know how to relate with my children because you taught us in the programme. If LCCS conducts other workshops, I will attend again.”

Interview 4 with a daughter who attended the programme with her mother

“I am happy to see my parent here. I am happy to play games, learn and take part in contests. I would like to attend more of such programmes. I find the programmes helpful.”

Interview 5 with a daughter who attended the programme with her mother

“I love the workshop. I learnt about playing with my parent and working together with my parent.”

“Extracts of Feedback from Marriage Preparation Clients (2011 to 2017)

“The marriage preparation was set in an intimate environment that allowed us to share openly without any awkwardness. As a result, it also allowed us to understand each other better and understanding issues that were not discussed before though we have been together for 10 years.”

“The counsellors have been very helpful and patient.  They have given very constructive feedback on the problems we are facing.”

“The counselor is very professional and is able to facilitate the workshop very well and able to provide relevant examples for us to understand the topics better.”

“Thanks so much for the time and efforts for the sessions of pre-marital counselling. Both of us have learnt a lot, of ourselves and also of each other. All the methods and tools/frameworks are also very relevant in helping us lay the foundation of a successful marriage. We have also benefitted a lot from your sharing of personal experience. Most of all, we THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the sessions!”

“I have learnt much. Thank you very much.”

“The course is good for couples. Recommended.”

“Comprehensive materials and good facilitator.”

“I will encourage more couples to take up this course.”

“The counselor has been very thoughtful and encouraging throughout the sessions. Thank you.”

“The counselor has done a great job. Thank you.”

“We are more confident of having a good marital relationship.”

“Our experience with the two counselors has been very positive. They have gone beyond their duties to further help us.”

“Feedback from a participant of Romantic Race@Flyer during Real Love Works 2012.”

“I would like to thank you and your team at Lutheran Community Care Services for a wonderful and well organised event last Saturday…You have pampered us with so many things – food, prizes for winning the exercise, lucky draw prizes, gifts and most important of all, the heart of your team.  They were friendly and cheerful despite coming back to work on a Saturday. Organising this exercise is not easy as time would be committed to explore the place, come up with type of activities, deciding on the flow of event for that day etc. Once again, my thanks and gratefulness to you for a time of enjoyment and fun for my wife and me.”