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Centre for Restorative Practice

The Centre for Restorative Practice (CRP) advocates for the wider adoption of the Restorative Practice (RP) philosophy in the care, management and development of individuals within various community settings and institutions, such as schools, prisons, residential homes and the grassroots. CRP’s services and training in RP lend credibility to the advocacy for RP, as data collected from the work presents compelling trends and positive outcomes, which can be applied towards research and developing evidence-based practice.

LCCS has been recognised as the RP course provider by the Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO), Social Service Institute (SSI) and Workforce Development Agency (WDA) through the Developmental Framework for Youth Workers (DYW). The DYW includes the competencies identified towards the Professional Development Pathway for Youth Workers (NCSS/NYC, 2006).

LCCS had participated in two overseas RP conferences in the capacity of presenters:

  1. RP conference organised by the IIRP, held in Hull, UK in 2010
  2. International Restorative Justive symposium organised by the City University of Hong Kong, held in Hong Kong in 2013

CRP Interventions

CRP advocacy and interventions are as follows:

  • RP Conference (2011, 2012 & 2014)
  • IIRP 4-Day Training:
    • Introduction to Restorative Practices
    • Using Circles Effectively
    • Facilitating a Restorative Justice Conference
    • Family Engagement & Empowerment
  • Restorative Practice in Youth Work (Developmental Framework for Youth Workers, MSF)
  • RP leadership
  • RP implementation
  • Sustaining RP culture in organisations
  • PODZ Youth Mentoring
  • RP Circles Facilitation
  • RP Conference Facilitation

Some of the organisations and institutions that have engaged CRP’s training and consultancy services include the children and young persons homes, Probation Services Branch of MSF, Metropolitan YMCA, High Point Community Services Association and Thailand’s government officers.

To date, CRP had provided training and consultancy services in RP to 29 schools.

Whole School RP Teachers’ Training