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Building resilience and confidence

LCCS partnered with Vanda Boxing Club to conduct Muay Thai lessons for a group of our SPMF service users from low income families between the age of 14 and 17. The programme aims to build confidence and instill the spirit of resilience. Through the activities and sessions, they shared thoughts, feelings and matters close to their hearts. Debrief sessions provided a safe sharing space. There was a session where a youth shared her loss of confidence after she couldn’t voice her suggestion with her project group mates.

The sessions were a place for them to find support as they identified with each other. At the same time, they could glean insights on how things can be done differently. Muay Thai was a conducive platform for them to practice teamwork as they worked with partners or teams for the activities. Confidence was emphasized as they made the moves. To reinforce their learning, the youths were empowered to take turns in leading their peers for activities. This provided them the opportunity to speak up and take lead.