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Advisory Board

Prof Dennis S. W. Wong

Professor, Department of Social & Behavioural Sciences, cum Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at City University of Hong Kong
Dennis is a renowned professor in Criminology and Social Work. His areas of expertise include juvenile delinquency, bullying studies and restorative justice.

Terry O’Connell

Retired Director of Real Justice Australia
Terry O’Connell is a restorative pioneer whose work in policing [early 1990’s] led to the development of the IIRP conference script. Terry has been collaborating with LCCS since 2008 on the development of explicit restorative practice.

John W. Bailie, Ph.D.

President at IIRP Graduate School
Dr. Bailie is president of the IIRP Graduate School and visiting faculty at Columbia University. He frequently speak and publishes on the application of restorative practices in leadership, civil society, adult learning and education reform. Also see Dr. Bailie’s blog on workplace conflict and relationships:

Annie Chan

Founder/Director of Red Box Events Pte Ltd; President of International Women’s Federation of Commerce & Industry Singapore
As a Type 9 Enneagram person, I thrive on peace and harmony; though I enjoy the occasions roller coaster rides to add more excitement to my life. I always believe that communication is key in maintaining a balance in one’s life – professional or personally and my wish is for people to communicate more to make the world a better place for all.

Vidia Negrea

Trustee of the US-based International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) & regional representative for IIRP Europe
Starting as a clinical psychologist working with juvenile delinquents and inspired by their stories, two decades ago Vidia decided to set up in Hungary restorative experiments aiming to develop sustainable and efficient solutions for those in need. The positive outcome of these efforts led to the extensive use and implementation of restorative processes in different fields, especially in preparing the release from the prison and in supporting the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Dr. Razwana Begum

Senior Lecturer for Criminology at Singapore University of Social Sciences

Dr. Razwana Begum believes that every individual has the potential to succeed. Despite the fact that some may not get the opportunity and others, may have ignored the chance to excel. Whatever it may be, in a society, she believes that we are all responsible, and we should, if and when we are given an option, lift one another to a higher ground. With support and a little nudge, any individual can break any barriers and move forward in life.

Tan Siok Ching

Brand Director of Libby Perszyk Kathman Inc. (LPK Asia)
Siok Ching treasures taking time to build meaningful relationships with people and being grateful for all the moments of her life!

Dr. Anne Margaret Hobbs

Director & Special Appointment Faculty at The Juvenile Justice Institute, the University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dr. Hobbs believes firmly that all individuals have both a right and a duty to participate fully in society. This full participation will only come about when we honor individuals and honestly seek the well-being of all people, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Raja Chowdhury

Deputy Director, Partnership, Community & Solutions, National Council of Social Service
With 20 years of experience in startup, commercial and public service organization, I have keen interest in developing capacity and capability of the workforce. Graduated with an MBA from Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University and certified practitioner in Blackblot® Product Management, and Prosci® Change Management, I have experience of working in the hospitality, information technology and nonprofit sector across South East Asia, Asia and Middle East.

Diane E. Elze, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University at Buffalo School of Social Work. Member, Board of Directors, Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition, Buffalo, NY

I believe that a racial justice perspective must inform restorative practices in the United States if we are to eliminate longstanding, systemic racial inequities. Individuals and communities committed to strengthening relationships, repairing harm, and building inclusive communities can organize for racial justice with strength and solidarity.

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