Advocating For A Restorative Movement

At LCCS we want to enhance social capital through effective relationships by advocating for policies that safeguard relationships, provide opportunities for people to experience positive outcomes. We hope society can embrace and sustain a restorative culture.


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#badge4change’s purpose is to encourage more people to be intentional in engaging with others through building connected communities and having a different conversation. At the core of breaking the hurt cycle is building safe communities that value each other and embrace vulnerability. Through beginning with this, restoration of self and relationships with others is made possible. Individuals are then empowered to start a restorative movement of their own where people in all systems can advocate for stronger, more connected communities. As such, the badges represent four types of positive interaction: engage, empower, collaborate, and restore.


Work with someone towards a common goal to build more connections


Care about someone by getting them to openly share what’s on their heart and mind


Repair a relationship by beginning with being vulnerable


Give someone autonomy and confidence and create the space for empowered individuals to thrive

Join us and be a part of the Restorative Practice Movement!


  1. Pass the badges on to people you wish to empower, collaborate with, restore a relationship with, engage with, or just someone who deserves a badge
  2. Post a photo and caption it to share your story
  3. On Instagram, #badge4change and tag On Facebook, #badge4change and tag @lutheranccs
  4. Post!

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