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Student Work Services

LCCS has since developed a niche in school work through its strength-based orientation in working with the students. Focusing on a Whole School Approach, LCCS is one of the forefront leaders in programmes such as the Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Time Out Programme (TOP), and Education Resilience (ER) Programme. LCCS seeks to empower and nurture the greatest potentials in these youths. Indeed, their lives take a positive turn as they are more keenly aware of their strengths, value relationships around them, while discovering how to actively apply the CME and school values in their daily lives.

SWS Vision and Desired Outcomes

The SWS vision is to “advocate for conducive environments where youth build effective relationships with their stakeholders.” Its mission is to “empower youth and stakeholders to build restorative relationships through respectful and responsible engagement.”

The desired outcomes are:

Short-term OutcomesLonger-term Outcomes
  1. Increased in developmental assets
  2. Increased in SEL competencies
  3. Engaged in school or alternative education or gainful employment
  4. Improved in relationships with stakeholders (e.g. family, teachers etc.)
  1. Creation of positive school culture
  2. Decreased in involvement of youth in the criminal justice system

SWS Interventions

SWS intervention is categorised into developmental, preventive and intervention programmes. Its delivery is based on the LCCS’ conceptual framework. The mode of intervention may be individual counselling, case management, family intervention, group work and classroom engagement.