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Restorative Practice Conference 2011

Restorative Practice Conference: A Transformational Approach to Restoring Lives

The Social Service Training Institute, National Council of Social Service and Lutheran Community Care Services (LCSS) hosted the 1st Singapore Restorative Practice Conference on 11 and 12 August 2011 at the Furama Riverfront Hotel. International and local speakers comprising academics, social service professionals and experts in the field of Restorative Practice (RP).

One notable speaker was Mr. Terry O’Connell, Director of Real Justice Australia. He is the pioneer of restorative justice and had spent 30 years with the New South Wales Police Service and is best known as the ‘cop from Wagga Wagga’ who developed the Real Justice restorative conference model, which is being used in schools and counselling centres. In recognition of his work, Mr. O’Connell was conferred the honorary doctorate degree from the Australian Catholic University in October 2008.

Another notable speaker at the conference was Professor John Braithwaite. Professor Braithwaite is an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and the Founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network) at the Australian National University. Professor Braithwaite is the recipient of a number of international awards and prizes for his work. He is the author of “Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation” and “Crime, Shame and Reintegration”.

Other speakers included Professor T Wing Lo, a former Social Worker and renowned scholar in youth services, juvenile delinquency and criminal justice in Hong Kong, from the City University of Hong Kong, Ms Lorenn Walker, a Hawaii-based health educator with extensive legal and social experience, as well as Mr. Chan Wing Cheong, the Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the National University of Singapore (NUS), who was awarded the Ministry of Community Development Outstanding Volunteer Award in 1999 for his public service as a Gazetted Volunteer Probation Officer.

Mr. Daniel Ang, our Executive Director, who was instrumental in establishing partnership with IIRP to accredit the RP training provided by LCCS, also shared at the conference in one break-out session “. Mr. Ang shared on the importance of explicit practice in establishing positive classroom culture, “Embedding Restorative Value in Classroom and Groupwork.”.

We were very privileged to have Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, the Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation as our Guest-of-Honour.

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