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Key Highlights of 2017

It has been a great year of restorative change

Classroom Builders

LCCS designed a partnership with teachers to co-facilitate classroom sessions to build stronger relationships. Teachers and students developed an effective way to work together on common goals.

Development of Community Work

School pocket money fund beneficiaries received opportunities to be involved in community programmes (e.g. service learning, mentoring, financial literacy for parents, Christmas event for families).

Marriage-Parenting Mentoring 

LCCS launched the publicity for the programme in preparation for prospective mentors and mentees to participate. This programme strengthens families by empowering young couples to be effective parents.

Fund Raising Events 

LCCS raised $469, 971 from the following fund-raising events:

  • Charity Golf 2017
  • 70 Cents Campaign
  • Recycling Project
  • Flag Day 2017
  • Steps Challenge

Growing with People, People Practice Consultancy

LCCS was invited to participate in the NCSS Growing with People initiative. The People Opinion Survey administered by Aon Hewitt assessed that LCCS staff’s overall engagement score is 86% (above Singapore’s norms of 61%).

LCCS 15th Anniversary 

LCCS turned 15! A commemorative magazine was published and staff were involved in a time capsule project to safekeep 15 significant and symbolic items.